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April 09 2012


sculture e ironia di nancy fouts

elementi paradossali nelle sculture di nancy fouts. opere reali, zero photoshop.

April 01 2012


December 04 2011


June 08 2011


mitsuko nagone_I’m more than my face

with this project, I intend to create myself, instead of finding my identity. people often ask themselves, ‘who am I?’ however, the definition of who they are could limit their own possibilities and the infinity of their essences. I believe that the self should be created, instead of being found. the self-portraits explore this idea since the face, [which] seems to emphasize ‘who’ a person is, is obscured.
mitsuko nagone

un altro progetto fotografico personalmente molto interessante è skylit, esplorazione di un edificio in rovina.


May 18 2011


rubbish rainbows

sono rifiuti e perlopiù di plastica.
l’australiana betty joe li usa nelle sue foto con questi risultati.

“I wanted to show the slightly disturbing nature of human need for disposable plastic, and the fact that these everyday items tend to last for an indefinite time after they are disposed of. I am attracted to the variety of rainbow hues and the contrast of beauty and ugliness.”


September 07 2010


noir pleasantville

sex and violence in a town called… mini scene fotografate dall’artista e noir.

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